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For over twenty years, the team behind Basepoint Wealth has focused on dual-track growth through organic business development and carefully vetted acquisition and succession.   We believe that finding the right advisors can enhance growth and retention - two of the driving factors behind maximizing the value of a practice.


Multi-generational Success

Our three-pronged approach to advisor team development and succession is proven to drive client confidence, resulting in increased asset growth and retention.  We work to identify potential advisors across the generational and experience spectrum so we can find the "right fit" for any circumstance.

Succession Seeking

Prepare and transition your practice

For those advisors seeking to:

  • retire with your clients in good hands

  • find and foster a succession plan

  • identify and groom a successor

  • maximize value for your practice

  • retire with a competitive buyout

The typical advisor currently:

  • has $75-200M+ in AUM to transition

  • operates a fee or commission practice

  • works for a broker-dealer or RIA

  • is one to five years from retirement

Motivated Mid-Career

Refocus on high-growth opportunities

For those advisors seeking:

  • to plug into a true team of experts

  • access to succession opportunities

  • benefits of a fee-only model

  • opportunity for equity partnership

  • to focus on what's best for clients

The typical advisor currently:

  • has $50-100M+ in AUM to transition

  • operates a fee or commission practice

  • works for a broker-dealer or RIA

  • has a CFP® (or similar) designation

Stang-up Meeting

Grow in a team-based environment

For those advisors seeking:

  • to build a sustainable client base

  • opportunities through joint work

  • a forward-thinking company

  • a collaborative environment

  • a non-commission focus on service

The typical advisor currently:

  • has $10-30M+ AUM to transition

  • operates a fee or commission practice

  • works for a B/D, RIA or insurance co.

  • has a CFP® (or similar) designation

Growth.  Protection.  Succession.

Whether you're seeking to maximize your time to capitalize on your best growth opportunities, looking to provide business continuity confidence to your clients, or focused on maximizing the value of your book of business as a retirement asset - our M&A and succession planning team will take the reigns of helping you build a powerful team.

Team-Enhanced Growth

We'll work with you to identify how adding team-members to your practice can facilitate and enhance productivity and growth.  Whether tapping into your professional network, or utilizing our own established pipeline of advisor prospects, we'll take care of the hard work of finding and onboarding team members that can enhance their own, and your, professional value.

Securing Your Legacy & Clients

Between our existing advisor base, and our network of potential new partners, you'll have access to a built-in network of strong succession opportunities, with the capabilities to back you in seeking external opportunities as well.  At the same time, Basepoint can also function as a backstop for business continuity, so you can be confident that your clients and your family are taken care of.

Maximizing Value for Succession

Just as you aim to help clients maximize their net wealth to and through retirement, we'll do the same for you.  We'll help you weigh the options for succession of your practice, and guide you through steps that can help you attain maximum value when the time comes to step away.  For qualified advisors, opportunities for firm equity may be part of this equation.


Ready to explore how our experience with succession and transition can help you reach your goals?

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