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  • Who is your custodian?
    Basepoint Wealth is a fee-only RIA. We work with multiple custodians depending on client need. Fidelity is our primary custodian for client brokerage assets.
  • Who is your broker-dealer?
    Basepoint Wealth is a fee-only RIA. We do not have a broker-dealer association. All advisory and wealth management services are handled under the RIA.
  • How are advisors paid?
    We have multiple ways in which we work with client-facing advisors depending on their role. We offer competitive salary-bonus model, and a revenue payout model pay structures for advisors.
  • How much autonomy do advisors have?
    While our philosophy and processes are consistent, our advisors handle client engagement and relationships in their own way that is a reflection of their clients and their own personalities and needs.
  • How do you manage investments?
    The majority of client assets are managed by our in-house investment team using a data-driven, value-oriented investment philosophy guided by our Seven Principles. Advisors have the ability to customize management for clients when and where it makes sense.
  • Where are you located?
    We currently operate offices in Cedar Rapids (our home), Des Moines, Dubuque and Davenport, IA. We are seeking to grow in all 4 markets. Additionally, our digital-heavy platform makes engaging into a new market a possibility at any time.
  • What services do you offer clients?
    Basepoint Wealth provides a comprehensive suite of private wealth services to clients. Advisors typically implement a planning-first approach that identifies goals, objectives, and desired outcomes; and then seek to assist clients with related implementation of the plan. For a full list of services that Basepoint offers in-house, please visit our client-facing website:
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