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We only work with advisors who put their clients' interests first.  That means we put an emphasis on financial planning as a key component to the wealth management process.  The strategies and plans you identify and put in place then drive the solutions that are put in place - including investment management, tax and estate solutions, and much more.

With our local presence of leadership and decision-making, when client needs dictate new solutions, we're equipped to help advisors quickly and efficiently find, vet, and use the products, tools and resources they need to help the client achieve their objectives.  No onerous corporate processes to run interference on getting what's right for the client.

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Planning Focused Approach

Too often, "financial advising" focuses on building an asset allocation model where an investor targets an expected level of return based on a given level of risk, and then determining what a client can accomplish within projected results.  We believe the conventional approach is backwards, and when we say we put an emphasis on planning first, we mean it.

Goals-based planning allows for solutions - including investment strategies - to be designed based on clear, defined objectives and desired outcomes.  A portfolio can then be designed that addresses near, intermediate, and long-range cash flow objectives.

This methodology results in a common-sense narrative that is easy to understand and follow - for clients and advisors, helping both focus more clearly on the goals ahead.

Principles Based Investing

We believe in the importance of fundamentals:

     // Know what you own
     // Know why you own it

We design investment portfolios that reflect the unique objectives and constraints of each client, relying on our comprehensive wealth management process to provide the critical inputs that allow our portfolio management team to work most effectively.

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Commission-Free Products

Just because we are fee-only doesn't mean that insurance, annuity, and other products don't matter.  A properly built financial plan will identify and quantify the risks clients face, and solutions that are truly in a clients' best interests.

When it comes time for implementation, you'll have access to dozens of products from many of the largest and most reputable carriers - all in commission-free form that eliminates the inherent conflict of interest that traditional brokers and advisors have in recommending products to their clients.

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True Lifelong Wealth Solutions

You've worked hard to help your clients attain and grow their wealth.  That's where most advisors stop.  We believe that assisting clients with their legacy goals is a key piece to putting clients at ease.

From in-house private foundation management, to essential estate document preparation, you'll have access to implementation solutions for a wide array of client wealth transition solutions.

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